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Mobile Dental Clinic

Mobile Dental Clinic

What is the Community Mobile Dental Clinic Program - KINSHIP (Kids in School Health Initiative and Partnership)?

CommWell Health’s school-based Community Mobile Dental Program, KINSHIP (Kids In School Health Initiative and Partnership), is an initiative aimed at providing accessible and affordable dental care services to children during the school year. This program directly brings quality dental care to the school, ensuring that children receive necessary treatments without disrupting their school schedules. The program not only addresses the challenges of accessing dental care but also emphasizes the importance of preventive oral health practices among children.

By offering dental services on-site, parents can take advantage of this convenient opportunity to ensure their child’s dental health is well taken care of without the need for additional time off work or school.

Through this partnership between schools and the dental program, children can receive check-ups, cleanings, and treatments that are essential for maintaining a healthy smile.

Our Services

Preventive Dental Services:
  • Dental examinations (check-ups)
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Dental cleanings
  • Sealants (to prevent cavities)
  • Dental hygiene instructions
Treatment Services

**A parent or legal guardian must be present on the mobile unit for treatment services to be performed**:

  • Pulptomies (baby endo or root canals)
  • Extractions
  • Restorations (fillings)
  • Stainless steel crowns

How Do I Pay?

You May Use:

  • Your private dental insurance - You will be required to make a copay for the visit and we will bill your insurance company
  • Medicaid

What If I Do Not Have Dental Insurance?

We will see you even if you do not have dental insurance or Medicaid.  We offer the Eagle Care Discount Program.  The Eagle Care discount (slide fee scale) is based on your household income and household size.

Current Mobile Dental Clinic Locations

Please call CommWell Health at 1-877-935-5255 and ask to speak with the KINSHIP Supervisor or email for a list of our mobile dental clinic school locations and to schedule your appointment.

Interested in Partnering with the KINSHIP Program ?

The KINSHIP program currently has contracts with Johnston County Public Schools, Sampson County Schools, and Clinton City Schools. At CommWell Health, we understand the value of connections and believe together we can achieve more. Join us for a remarkable opportunity to make a difference. 

Please call CommWell Health at 1-877-935-5255 and ask to speak with the KINSHIP Supervisor or email for additional information on partnerships. 

Smiles for Miles Capital Campaign - Make Your Donation/Pledge Today

CommWell Health’s school-based Community Mobile Dental Program known as KINSHIP (Kids In School Health Initiative and Partnership) provides dental care services during the school year at Johnston County Public Schools, Sampson County Public Schools and Clinton-City Schools.  The demand for the current dental unit outweighs the annual capacity for one unit and we are seeking donations from businesses and organizations to go towards the operations of the mobile units. 

We will be happy to provide additional information on your desired method of expressing encouragement and support of Foundation activities.  Our responsibility is to be of assistance to you, so please contact us to discuss your thoughts or questions.

For more information on the available sponsorship levels please contact our Foundation Department at 910-567-7036.


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