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What is a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH)?

What is a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH)?

At CommWell Health we strive to make this patient-centered service comprehensive, quality care to create a HOME for all your health and wellness needs.  Led by a primary care provider, a PCMH or Patient Centered Health Home (PCHH) is a system of care that allows you to have a personalized care team.  A team may include nurses, health educators, specialists or any other medical personnel who are ready to help you achieve your health and wellness goals!

What are the benefits?

Teamwork – Your care team will work with you ad your family to design a care plan that’s best suited for your wellness needs.

Prevention – Learn how to self-manage chronic conditions (such as asthma and diabetes) to help stay healthy.  Receive reminders of needed health screening and immunizations.

Enhanced Access to Care – If you need to reach any member of your team, simply call during normal business hours.  If a member of your team is not available they will contact you within 48 hours.  You may also access your health home by phone to receive care instructions or electronically 24 hours a day to request appointments, medication refills, etc.

Care Coordination and Referral Management – Your care team will coordinate any referrals to outside specialist, hospitals and rehabilitation therapy, if needed and will track medical information back from those specialists to your Primary Care Provider.

Affordable Care Act Outreach and Enrollment – If you are uninsured we have outreach enrollment specialist whom can help you navigate the Affordable Care Act insurance enrollment process for quality, affordable health insurance.

There is no charge to participate in this program and is open to all patients of CommWell Health.

Welcome Home!

Call 1-877-WELL ALL (1-877-935-5255) to schedule your appointment!

All services of CommWell Health are offered on a sliding fee scale based on family size and income.   We accept most private insurance,Medicare, Medicaid, VISA, Mastercard and Debit.  Payment is due when services are rendered.


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