Express Discount Meds Home Delivery Pharmacy Service

Express Discount Meds Home Delivery Pharmacy Service

What are the benefits of using CommWell Health Express Discount Meds Home Delivery Pharmacy service?


  • Convenient home delivery access to affordable medications.
  • Saves time and gas.
  • Discounted prices for most medications - often less than other pharmacies.
  • Improved health as a result of taking your medications as prescribed.
  • Shipping is completely FREE.

How it works:

  • As a Community Health Center, the CommWell Health pharmacy can purchase medications at discounted rates, often much lower than other pharmacies.
  • As a CommWell Health patient, you are eligible to take advantage of these savings when you purchase your prescription at a CommWell health pharmacy or have them delivered to your home.

Getting Started with Home Delivery:

You must be a CommWell Health patient.

  • Ask your CommWell Health provider to send your prescription to the CommWell Health Express Discount Meds pharmacy.
  • Pharmacy staff will contact you to set up your home delivery and take payment information. A debit or credit card is required. We accept all major credit cards.
  • Medications will be packaged and shipped to your home.
  • Most medications are delivered in 2-3 days but please allow up to 7 days.
  • Shipping is FREE, quick, and confidential.

Order Refills

  • Please order refills at least 1 week in advance to allow for delivery time.
  • All refills must be approved before filling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • How much do I pay for my prescriptions?
    • Discounts are based on household income. Call your CommWell Health pharmacy at 1-877-935-5255 and speak with the pharmacy staff to determine the cost of your medications.
  • Do you accept outside prescriptions?
    • No, CommWell Health can only fill prescriptions written by a CommWell Health provider or a specialist referred by a CommWell Health provider.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    • We welcome uninsured and insured patients. Discounts can vary based on insurance plans. Please note, that some insurers do not allow home delivery of medications.
  • Can I return my medications?
    • No, we cannot accept returned medications.

If you have any questions about your medications call the CommWell Health pharmacy at 1-877-935-5255.


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