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Our Mission

Vision, Mission and Values

Vision, Mission And Values
Vision, Mission And Values
Vision, Mission And Values

To be recognized and respected as a premier Community Health Center in the Nation. More than just words, our vision embodies our role as a Health Center for the community and, in turn, the community’s expectation of us. We are committed to exceptional care, not average care, and communities filled with healthy, happy lives. It is our investment in the community’s wellbeing and health because CommWell Health has been and always will be the community’s healthcenter.

Beyond CommWell Health, our vision is our commitment to provide premier service through education, prevention and exceptional care in a health home setting. It is our investment in these services and outreach and health coaching that keeps communities healthy and engaged. We create premier teams of caregivers that can make a difference every day by implementing best practices in health care.

Internally, our vision means that we are committed to our key operations, or “trees of transcendence”:

Culture – CommWell Health defines and lives the organization’s core values every day and provides societal benefit to the communities served.
Quality – CommWell Health services meet and exceed national benchmarks and standards of care with positive patient experiences.
Finance – CommWell Health is a thriving, financially sustainable organization.
Governance – CommWell Health implements highly reliable operations that are regularly reviewed by local, state, national and private regulatory and accrediting bodies.


Compassionate delivery of quality medical, dental and behavioral health services for all.

The CommWell Health mission reflects our focus on providing compassionate, quality health care while being a role model that uses innovative approaches to address patient centered health home care. Our mission of quality health services means we hold ourselves accountable to perform in the 10% in the nation in all indicators of healthcare, patient safety, patient experience, and team member engagement. At CommWell Health we believe that improving patient outcomes, service in the community and workforce engagement leads to a healthier community and a stronger organization.


  • Collaborative Leadership - WE, not me
  • Value of Valuing - WE value the strengths and uniqueness of everyone
  • Teamwork - WE work together
  • Integrity - WE do the right thing
  • Learning Environment - WE question, WE learn, WE innovate
  • Continuous Improvement - OUR excellence tomorrow is greater than OUR excellence today!
  • Safety - We Strive for Zero Harm

In everything we do, CommWell Health is a values-driven organization. Our values are integrated into the decisions, actions and behaviors of the CommWell Health team. They are embedded into our company culture—both inside our walls and out in the community. CommWell Health values create a values-driven culture. They are integrated into our hiring practices, training, performance reviews, contract negotiations, supplier/vendor selection and daily decision-making.


(What distinguishes CommWell Health from the rest?)

  • Eagle Excellence
  • Holistic Community Health
  • Culture of Inclusion


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