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The Johnston County Health Study

The Johnston County Health Study is a long-term research study based in Johnston County, North Carolina.

The purpose of the study is to measure how common osteoarthritis, pain, and disability are in the county, as well as its impact on individuals and the community. This is important because arthritis affects over 54 million adults in the United States and frequently occurs with other health conditions, like diabetes and heart disease. 

In our study, we are examining how osteoarthritis is related to other health conditions, such as injury, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. We also want to know how osteoarthritis and other health conditions differ by gender and race/ethnicity.

We are recruiting African-American, Hispanic, and White adults, ages 35 to 70 years old, who reside in Johnston County, North Carolina. The study will require one visit to our offices in Smithfield, North Carolina to complete questionnaires and study evaluations.

Not everyone meets the enrollment criteria, but if you are eligible, you will be compensated up to $145.

Contact us to receive more information about the study and how you can participate or take this short online questionnaire to learn if you MIGHT BE eligible to participate in the study.



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