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February is Heart Health Month

Did you know? 88% of millennial women worry about their moms’ health.

Go Red for Women®

Go Red for Women® is the American Heart Association’s global initiative to end heart disease and stroke in women. Launched in 2004 to close the gap in awareness, Go Red quickly expanded into a worldwide movement dedicated to removing the barriers women face to achieving good health and wellbeing.

Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women, killing more women than all forms of cancer combined. Learn what it means to Go Red For Women to help women like you fight back:

G: GET YOUR NUMBERS Ask your doctor to check your blood pressure and cholesterol.

O: OWN YOUR LIFESTYLE Stop smoking, lose weight, exercise, and eat healthy.

It’s up to you. No one can do it for you.

R: REALIZE YOUR RISK We think it won’t happen to us, but heart disease kills one of three women.

E: EDUCATE YOUR FAMILY Make healthy food choices for you and your family.

Teach your kids the importance of staying active.

D: DON’T BE SILENT Tell every woman you know that heart disease is our No. 1 killer.




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