CommWell Health Saturday Urgent Care

CommWell Health is your Patient Centered Health Home providing individualized, compassionate, and family-centered care and now on Saturdays in Brunswick, Johnston, and Sampson counties. Starting June 3, 2023 CommWell Health will be offering Saturday Urgent Care at 3 of our CommWell Health sites for new patients and established patients. We understand that sickness doesn’t wait and we want our communities to have access to a CommWell Health provider right away at one of our Saturday Urgent Care clinics.

Your Minor Emergency is Our Major Priority!

Locations Offering Saturday Urgent Care Clinics

Brunswick County

CommWell Health Bolivia

  • Medical Services
  • Behavioral Health Services (Remote)

Johnston County

CommWell Health McGee’s Crossroads

  • Medical Services
  • Behavioral Health Services (Remote)

Sampson County

CommWell Health Newton Grove

  • Medical Services
  • Dental Services
  • Behavioral Health Services (Remote)


Hours of Operation for Saturday Urgent Care

8:00am – 1:00pm


Services Offered 

Medical Urgent Care Services will address: allergies, a cold or flu, COVID Symptoms and vaccines, runny/stuffy nose, a cough or sore throat, stomach pain, joint and muscle aches, mild allergic reactions, ear pain, diarrhea, etc.

Dental Urgent Care Services will address: toothaches, oral swelling, gum pain, cracked or broken tooth, etc.

Behavioral Health Urgent Care Services will address: basic outpatient for adults, adolescents, and children over the age of 5, behavioral health screenings, therapy consultation for depression, stress, and anxiety, referrals and consultation, etc.

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